Michel H. Moussatche

WHOOP: Navigating the Future of Wearables

Introduction: Our fascination with longevity and optimal health is as old as humanity itself, but the means to achieve it have evolved dramatically with technological advancements. Wearables have become the epitome of this evolution, empowering individuals to take charge of their health. They are not mere gadgets; they are personal wellness companions that track vitals, …

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Harnessing Network Effects: OpenAI’s Strategic Shift to a Platform Model

Introduction: OpenAI’s decision to enable developer monetization of specialized GPT models is a strategic inflection point, underscoring the confluence of AI development and platform economics. It reflects a broader trend of leveraging platform strategies to harness network effects in two-sided markets, potentially accelerating the adoption curve of AI technologies. This move signals a maturation of AI …

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Corporate Responsibility

When looking at economic growth for an organization, I must strongly disagree that there are unquestionable social benefits. Maybe for the shareholders, but definitely not for stakeholders, society, and the environment. I even question if John Locke would agree with this statement today. Can we still consider that nature on its own has no value to society, …

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Navigating into the Changing Environment

With great power comes great responsibility. Famously said by Spider-Man’s uncle, but dated to ancient times, this motto, in my opinion, should be part of every corporation guideline. Reflecting upon the idea that, as organizations grow and become large, the crux of the navigating challenge is practicing considerate majesty, I first think of the complexities …

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Individuals and Entrepreneurial Skills

In this article, I reflect on the impact entrepreneurs have on organizations. Is entrepreneurship an organization’s darling curse? I do agree with the statement, but not without some considerations. In my last reflection, I wrote about the challenges of growth and its relationship with the individuals composing what I called the company’s “soul.” I did …

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