Michel H. Moussatche


Luggage for the adventurer in you

Company: Briggs & Riley
Year: 2010
Role: Industrial Designer

In response to the lingering effects of the 2008 recession, particularly within the travel industry, Briggs & Riley recognized the need to explore new markets for their bags. After careful consideration, the adventure travel market emerged as an appealing opportunity. This market not only demanded luggage of exceptional quality, but it also displayed consistent growth even in the face of a downturn in the overall travel industry. To thoroughly understand the market landscape, the I embarked on extensive research, engaging with retailers, bag owners, and adventure travel specialists throughout the United States.

Patented Trolley System (patent link)

The patented Trolley System, which I had the privilege of pioneering alongside our dedicated team and valued suppliers, represents a remarkable achievement in luggage design. With a keen focus on upholding Briggs & Riley’s renowned wrinkle-free packing claims, we meticulous create a system that not only elevated durability but also achieved a significant reduction in weight. By leveraging high-strength alloys and advanced composite materials, we successfully struck an exceptional balance between strength and weight reduction. Due to the success and impact of the Trolley System framework the company has seamlessly integrated it into all product lines, setting a new benchmark for lightweight durability within the brand.

New color-ways.

For the BRX collection, we ventured beyond the conventional business color palette of our classic range. Embracing the collection’s fresh, lively, and adventurous spirit, we aimed to meet the expectations of our new, dynamic clientele. Through meticulous research, we introduced four vibrant and exciting color options: Stone, Ocean, Desert, and the limited-edition Lava, each reflecting the collection’s bold ethos.

In the Wild

Now, this was wild!!!

Project Summary

Reflecting on this project, I believe we excelled, especially given that it took us beyond our usual comfort zone. The line was a result of extensive technological and innovative efforts. Every aspect, from the fabric and structural design to the handle system, was meticulously crafted. Our focus was to ensure each piece was not only functional and lightweight but also aesthetically pleasing.

Team credits

Richard Kruilik (CEO B&R), Georgene Rada (VP of Design B&R), Joseph Conti (Industrial Designer B&R), Wu-Chen Chuan (Trolley system Supplier), Fu-Kuei Chang (Trolley system Supplier).

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